Kenny's story

Kenny is 13 years old and has epilepsy and autism.

Since 2019, Kenny has lived at The Children’s Trust and attends The Children’s Trust School. The curriculum at the school involves a range of activities, including; Music and Movement, Multi-Sensory Stories, Parachute Games and Light and Sound.

Kenny takes pleasure in Boccia, a ball sport similar to bowls, and aquatic therapy. He has a weekly yoga class and regular access to his various sitting, lying and standing programmes. Kenny also enjoys accessing switches to create an effect, such as turning on lights, activating a blender or hairdryer and propelling his wheelchair forward.

Kenny’s mum, Jenny, comments: “Before we arrived at The Children’s Trust, Kenny was very shy and became uneasy when he would meet new people. Now, he is more confident and will show his excitement with a big smile.”

“The past year has been a huge change for Kenny. We previously lived in the US but due to my job had to move to the UK. I thought a new environment would be really tough for Kenny but he has settled in better than I could have ever imagined. He has made brilliant friends and I’m so happy he can take part in the fun activities at The Children’s Trust.”

Now, Kenny has had to carry on his education in a slightly different way due to Covid-19. He has still been receiving regular lessons; however, the groups have changed due to social distancing rules on site. Initially, Kenny found the change confusing, however, he quickly got used to it and was soon smiling at new staff members.

Kenny’s teacher, Anne French, says: “Since being in lockdown, Kenny has participated in creative art sessions by making colourful rainbows. Kenny has also continued to enjoy gardening - he has planted sunflowers, tomatoes, chives and strawberries. Kenny also took part in a treasure hunt and collected items for his scrapbook. When Kenny finished the hunt, he smiled and clapped his hands together. It was a great moment.”

“We are hoping soon that Kenny will be able to see some of his classmates again, as a few of them are being shielded or are in a different house on site. Kenny is able to have visits from his mother, but great care is given to social distancing.”

Kenny’s Mum, Jenny, adds: “As The Children’s Trust has still been operating during Covid-19, I have been really blessed with the opportunity to work all the time at home, knowing that Kenny is well taken care of and can continue to access full educational activities. I am very grateful to each and every one of the staff.”

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