Fundraising Ideas

Struggling with fundraising ideas? Don't worry. We've made a list of our favourite ideas below to help you

Non-uniform day: Ask your students to donate £1 to come dressed to school in their own clothes at the end of term, or why not theme the day so that they can come to school dress as their favourite film character. You could also take part in our very own National Pyjama Week or Festive Friday events.

Bake sale: This is a fantastic way for students to demonstrate their baking and sales skills. Ensure that each student bakes something different and that a teacher sets the price of each treat. 

Art auction: Art encourages creativity and imagination, so why not encourage your students to paint or draw something special for their very own art auction. This allows the students to promote their artistic flair and support our work for children with brain injury.

Sponsored silence: This is an opportunity for children to exercise some patience and restraint for a period of your choosing. This could be for an hour, an afternoon or even a whole day! 

Sports day: You could also encourage some friendly sporting competition amongst your students. Decide the sports you want to include, be it individual or teams based, and charge your participants and spectators a fee to get involved. You could also use your current annual sports day as a great fundraising opportunity by charging parents for entry.

Donation station: Does your organisation have space for one of our donation stations? Students, teachers and parents could donate any unwanted items to these stations for resale in our various charity shops across the South. For more information about our shops, please click here.

Quiz: Feeling quizzical? Why not organise a quiz for your students or parents to get involved in. Charge your participants to take part and hold a raffle prize ballot to boost your fundraising. 

Take part in one of our events: We have lots of exciting fundraising events that your school, college or university could get involved in. Click here to see what events we have coming up.

Please do not hesitate to get in touch if you need any advice or would like some fundraising materials to support your event: