Exciting times ahead

We have made big changes over the last year to keep the vulnerable children in our care safe. But the pandemic hasn’t stopped us planning ahead, and we launched our exciting new strategy ‘Hope & Ambition’ in April 2020.

Our ambition is to support every child with brain injury and neurodisability and help them to live the best life possible. And our strategy is all about making that happen, with innovative new services, and even a new state of the art building.

Dalton Leong, our Chief Executive explains, “in five year’s time, you will see five new innovative services in Tadworth, three new services across the country in our Brain Injury Community Service and we will have a new building on site offering integrated care. If that’s not exciting, what is?”

This is the future your kind support will make possible. And so we’d like to share a little more detail about what you will help us to achieve for the children in the next few years. 

Building on our specialist knowledge to grow services and help more children

We want to offer flexible services for children with acquired brain injury and neurodisability. For example, we aim to launch one new service a year for five years in order to help more children and young people.

Support every child in the UK with an acquired brain injury

We want to scale up and broaden the support we offer so that it reaches all parts of the country. It includes helping parents know where to find help and advice, and sharing expertise with other professionals, such as teachers and clinicians, to support children with a brain injury.

Improve outcomes for children with the integration of our specialist approaches We plan to integrate education, healthcare and therapy across all our services and we are working towards a new building at Tadworth to enable this approach.

rehab team

Two new initiatives

With our supporters behind us, we’re already putting our strategy into action. These are two initiatives that will help children and their parents, and the wider community to understand brain injury and find the right support. 

New campaign coming soon

We’re planning to launch an awareness campaign about concussion.

Concussion is a minor brain injury that can still cause serious complications. Our campaign will help parents, grandparents, nursery leaders, school teachers, sports coaches and the wider community to understand concussion, see the potential risks and know the appropriate steps to take if they see symptoms.

In the meantime, you can find out more about concussion here.

Free training for primary schools

Did you know that, on average, one child in every classroom experiences a brain injury at some point during their childhood? Yet most teachers are not fully confident or aware of the signs of how a child may struggle at school after their brain injury. 

We are offering free training to give teachers a better understanding of brain injury, and help them implement some of the skills from our training to help their pupils.

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