Harry running race for The Children's Trust

Join our Squad

Whatever event you are thinking of taking part in, join our Squad and raise money for some very brave children with brain injury!

Run, cycle, swim, skydive, walk, get muddy or take part in a virtual activity. We have a series of exciting events listed below or - if you fancy something different - you can choose your own sporting event.

Simply find a challenge you like the look of and sign up. Whatever you decide to do, you will be part of our Squad helping to raise vital funds for children with brain injury. 

We will send you a welcome pack, branded t-shirt and ideas/tips of how to fundraise. We will support you every step of the way.

How do I join The Children's Trust Squad?

1. Sign up for one of our events or choose any other event of your choice and secure your place in it. 

2. Once your place is confirmed, tell us all about it by contacting us at sports@thechildrenstrust.org.uk

3. We will send you a fundraising pack, and will be here for any help or advice


Email us at sports@thechildrenstrust.org.uk or call us on Tel: 01737 365 000

Upcoming events


Barcelona Marathon

The route has been designed to include every detail of the vibrant city and its modernist architectural history in each stride you take. This marathon isn’t one to miss!


Hampton Court Palace Half Marathon

The race will start inside the gates of Hampton Court Palace and finish in its beautiful gardens. After you’ve finished your race you can visit the famous maze and the world’s largest grape vine.


Paris Marathon

At your own pace, visit Eiffel Tower, Notre-Dame, the Louvre, Musee d’Orsay, and many other iconic landmarks along this unforgettable Parisian route.