Local Landmarks Challenge

This is a solo, virtual running challenge around your local landmarks


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Following the cancellation of the London Landmarks Half Marathon on 29th March, organisers have created this Local Landmarks Challenge: a chance for anyone to go out and explore their local landmarks.

Local Landmarks is a solo, virtual running challenge around your local landmarks. Your local landmarks could be anything from the park at the end of your lane to the postbox at the bottom of your drive! 

If you would be interesting in taking part in the Local Landmarks challenge visit their website for more information.   

Or, if you'd like to sign up now follow these simple steps:

1. Register for free here

2. Run your solo Local Landmarks Challenge

3. Record your run on any tracking app, for example: Strava, Garmin, RunKeeper etc

4. Submit a picture of your solo run from their tracking app here to claim your medal. 

Once you’ve signed up, email us at [email protected] and we’ll send you a link to create your fundraising page for The Children's Trust.