Statement on Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

We are wholly committed to the ACEVO diversity leadership principles. We recognise that we need to do more to ensure we are promoting and achieving diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) across all levels of our organisation.

The current political climate has acted as a catalyst for reflection and taking action to make sure we are knowledgeable and as diverse as the beneficiaries we support. At The Children's Trust, a number of our beneficiaries are BAME. We aspire to reflect this across our trustees, staff and volunteers.

I have been vocal in my support of the campaigns pushing to diversify the charity sector. I have actively encouraged conversations with other CEO’s across Surrey and have called for them to also sign up to ACEVO’s principles. The collective support will have a greater impact on actioning these principles as real change happens when others come together. 

At a local level, we are setting up a working group made up of staff across the organisation. The group will focus on creating initiatives and delivering transparency in our representation of all groups. As a first step, we will begin by collecting stronger diversity data, which will enable us to create a formal plan of action and decide how we measure our expected outcomes. The results of the working group’s analysis will be taken to the Board of Trustees for agreement, emphasising our commitment at all levels of the organisation.

We want to make certain that this commitment is not simply a tick-box exercise; that going forward, we continue to place DEI at the forefront of our conversations and decision making. Through this, we will achieve a more diverse and inclusive workforce and embrace the changes within the charity sector, with our beneficiaries remaining at the heart of our thinking.

Dalton Leong
Chief Executive

June 2020

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