Our Promises

Our organisational culture and values sit at the very heart of what we do. Called Promises, the values support our mission to make The Children’s Trust the best organisation it can be. To create our Promises, we looked at our cultural environment and asked what do we want to build on, what do we want to change and, ultimately, what do we want to achieve for children and families in the future.

Our Promises were developed in collaboration with our staff, volunteers, partners and most importantly the children, young people and families that we support. It was decided by the children and young people we spoke to that we should name our organisational values and behaviours, ‘Promises’ – and we agreed it was a perfect fit. Our Promises reflect the type of culture and environment everybody wants to see at The Children’s Trust.

Child first Promise

Child First

We’re dedicated to making sure children, young people, and their families are at the very heart of everything we do.

We promise to always:

  • put children and young people first, seeking their views and sharing decision-making with them
  • contribute to our community, making it warm, positive and fun
  • connect meaningfully with children and young people, enriching their lives

Aim High promise

Aim High

We always aim for the highest possible standards and the biggest positive impact.

We promise to always:

  • be curious and courageous, exploring new ideas
  • think big, finding ways to add value and improve what we do
  • focus on quality, act responsibly and use evidence to support our choice.

Care Deeply

Care Deeply

We are one team of employees, volunteers, partners and supporters. We build relationships and connect powerfully.

We promise to always:

  • be friendly and show genuine compassion
  • connect and collaborate effectively inside and outside of our charity
  • recognise and encourage each other, taking time to celebrate successes.

Be Open promise

Be Open

We are committed to creating an environment of trust, openness and transparency for our colleagues, children, young people and their families.

We promise to always:

  • speak up confidently and look for solutions
  • listen to others, sharing and receiving feedback in a positive way
  • invite different views, respecting everyone’s roles and contributions.

Own It promise

Own It

We all have a critical part to play in achieving our strategy, growth and ambitions, bringing together our diverse experience and expertise.

We promise to always:

  • take responsibility, owning what we do and delivering on our promises
  • set ourselves high standards and use our expertise across the charity
  • grow from mistakes, taking every opportunity to develop and improve.

Levi reveals our Promises

We listened to what you told us about the type of culture you wanted across The Children’s Trust, and our new values evolved from this.  We are delighted to share these values with you today through our launch video – which also helps explain how they were created. We are thrilled that in this video Levi, one of the young people involved in the process, reveals what the new values are and officially launches them for us.



To share any feedback, on how we can make sure we are living these Promises every day, please contact us on [email protected]