Help a child like Mikail on their recovery journey

11 year old Mikail was on his way to school when a truck hit the passenger side of his dad’s car - changing his life in an instant.

Every 30 minutes in the UK, a child like Mikail is left with a brain injury.

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Mikail’s making music

After 12 days in paediatric intensive care, Mikail was stable enough to be moved to a children’s ward for recovery, but the fractures to his skull had caused a severe brain injury leaving him unable to eat, drink, walk, or talk. Mikail needed to relearn all his basic skills and specialist rehabilitation was his best chance to do what he wanted most: to walk again.


Thanks to the support of people like you, our expert teams worked with Mikail to help him slowly start to recover.

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As a keen guitar player before his accident, Mikail loved music therapy sessions.

“Making music is a physical exercise,” explains Claire Wood, our Lead Music Therapist . “You also need thinking skills – remembering the notes, the timing of them and eventually challenging your attention skills by playing with others too. It’s a full brain workout, making it ideal for rehab.” 

How you can help children with brain injury 

Every year, 40,000 children in the UK are left with a brain injury. That’s one child every 30 minutes. They can lose the ability to speak, stand, walk or feed themselves. Parents are thrown into a world of hospitals and surgeries – transformed overnight from mum or dad to ‘carer’ and ‘nurse’. 

All of them need your help on their recovery journey to start living again. 

The Children’s Trust is the UK’s leading charity for children with brain injury. We’ve been helping families since 1984, providing specialist care, rehabilitation and schooling for children with brain injury. Our specialist teams know how to work with children to build up the skills and their self-confidence through therapy, education and fun.

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