Singing after a brain injury

Charlotte tells us how she discovered an uplifting hobby, starting singing lessons after her brain haemorrhage.

Charlotte by the sea

I had a brain injury when I was aged 11 and a few years later, when I had recovered a little more, I started singing lessons.

I chose singing as a friend told me about the artist Jessie J and I loved her music so I wanted to start singing. 

I was 14 and at school at that time - but I decided to do private singing lessons rather than through school.

Charlotte in 2017

Singing makes me feel happy. The lessons helped me by boosting my confidence. In the lessons it was just me and I don’t sing anywhere else. It's a hobby that I love doing on my own - I'm not part of any singing groups.

I took lessons for years. Although I haven’t been to lessons for a while because of COVID-19 I still sing in the car and at home.

Over the years I've also picked up new hobbies and these include birdwatching, walking, photography and kayaking. 

I love these hobbies as I’m in nature and I can just be me. And I'll always continue to sing too!