West End star sings for children with brain injury

Elaine Paige was joined by a number of children to record a cover of Sing a Rainbow.

Rainbow with the words: Elaine Paige Sing a Rainbow

Published on: 24/07/20

Singer, actress and BBC Radio 2 presenter, Elaine Paige OBE, has recorded a special charity single, a cover of ‘Sing a Rainbow,’ in support of The Children’s Trust, of which she is an ambassador.

The Children’s Trust helps children with brain injury and neurodisability across the UK. The COVID-19 crisis has meant that funding has depleted whilst the charity’s doctors, nurses, care staff and therapists continue to protect the children in its care.

The vulnerability of the children means they will continue to be shielded and isolated after the rest of the UK starts to emerge from lockdown.

Elaine was joined by children who have been supported by The Children’s Trust to create the cover of Sing a Rainbow.

She said: “Since this crisis began, I have wanted to do something to help. Yet you feel so powerless to really do anything when you are isolating. This is something small that I can do. I have recorded the song with the children on video call and mobile phones, which has been great fun! We can’t wait to share it. I am very proud to have been able to record this song for a charity I love while in lockdown.

“Sing a Rainbow felt like the perfect song as some of the children are unable to speak so they have been learning the signs of the colours.”

She added: “The children and young people I met at The Children’s Trust have had to stay shielding in order to stay safe, and some haven’t seen their parents in weeks.”

Music therapist, Claire Wood said: "Music has been a lifeline to many people during the lockdown and it is always an important part of life here at The Children’s Trust. The children worked really hard to learn the song, pronounce words clearly, learn the signs and draw rainbows - things that they are relearning how to do in rehabilitation following a brain injury. It's such an amazing thing for them to be a part of.”

Sing a Rainbow is available on Spotify, iTunes, Amazon Music and Apple Music and all major download platforms. All proceeds from sales will go to help The Children’s Trust.