Running for brain injury in the 2021 London Marathon

Dad Robin takes part in the iconic marathon following his daughter Floss’ accident in 2019.

Floss and dad Robin

Published on: 30/09/21

Dad Robin is hitting the London streets this weekend in his second marathon in a month! Robin is raising funds for The Children’s Trust after his daughter stayed at the specialist centre for brain injury rehabilitation last year.

Floss was involved in a car accident as a passenger when she was celebrating her 17th birthday in May 2019. Severe head injuries put Floss in a coma for a month and in a disorder of consciousness for nearly a year.

Floss’ severe brain injury meant she was unable to walk, communicate or feed herself. Before the accident, Floss had been studying for her A-levels, keen for a career as a lawyer, and enjoyed playing rubgy.

Nine months after her brain injury, Floss received a residential rehabilitation placement at The Children’s Trust where she received a whole range of therapies to help her try and relearn skills she had lost. Floss also attended The Children’s Trust School.

Robin explained that a child neurorehab specialist had mentioned The Children’s Trust and, when he looked into it, he knew he had found the right place.

Robin said: “With the first week of focused rehabilitation, my daughter showed responses not seen before and, three months later, she was clinically declared conscious and on the road to recovery.

“In the coming nine months, The Children's Trust helped my daughter to start to communicate, start to look after herself, make her first steps in trying to eat and even put her back on her feet with a few tentative and supported steps. Most importantly, The Children's Trust gave my daughter her smile back.”

Robin ran the Brighton Marathon on 12 September and runs the London Marathon this Sunday (4 October) – he has already raised over £4.5k for The Children’s Trust!

“We’ll be forever grateful for how the staff helped Floss with her recovery and I’m pleased we can give back in some way,” said Robin.