New changes to law could tackle internet trolls

Published on: 18/09/20

The charity Epilepsy Society has welcomed new proposals from the Law Commission to reform the law to protect people from online harm.

Criminal Law Commissioner, Professor Penney Lewis, has warned that anyone who sends flashing images to people with epilepsy, provoking a seizure, could potentially be guilty of an offence such as assault causing actual bodily harm.

And she is encouraging all those who have been targeted on social media with malicious posts designed to provoke a seizure, to share their experiences with her, so that the Law Commission can help to ensure they are better protected by the law.

The Law Commission has published proposals to reform the law so that abusive online behaviour targeted at a range of groups of people, including those with epilepsy, can be tackled through the criminal justice system.

Epilepsy Society has been running an ongoing campaign to make it a criminal offence to target people with epilepsy with malicious posts designed to trigger seizures.

According to the charity's website, the proposals, recommended by the Law Commission, will 'fast forward the law into the 21st century and better protect people from harmful online abuse such as malicious posts designed to trigger seizures.'

Visit Epilepsy Society's website to find out how to get involved.