National Siblings Day 2022

Siblings at The Children’s Trust are celebrating this weekend with various arts and crafts activities – we’re sharing resources so that other young siblings can get involved too.

National Siblings Day sunshine logo #ItsaSiblingThing

Published on: 08/04/22

National Siblings Day takes place on Sunday 10 April 2022.

Explaining the importance of this awareness day, UK charity Sibs said: “we know what a valuable role siblings play in the lives of their disabled brothers and sisters, how unique their relationship can be and how they need to be recognised and celebrated in their own right too.”

This year’s theme is #ItsaSiblingThing, and Sibs is inviting families to share special moments captured between siblings using the hashtag – helping to raise awareness of siblings of disabled people.

The Sibs website contains a range of free resources available for younger siblings, including creative activity sheets, as well as more information about the day and how to get involved.

This weekend, Health Play Specialists at The Children’s Trust are helping siblings of young people currently receiving rehabilitation at its headquarters in Tadworth to get creative with some colourful craft supplies. One activity, hosted via Zoom by Sibs, is an interactive art session – carefully designed for children to be able to do on their own.

Nicola, whose son Rafe came to The Children’s Trust for specialist rehabilitation in 2020, explained how grateful they were for the whole family to be included – especially Rafe’s sister Olivia.

They welcomed many members of our family with open arms, but most importantly they made Olivia feel so special. She was seamlessly included in activities and made to feel like part of the experience. She has such warm memories of being in Tadworth and it is lovely for us as parents to know that something that impacted our whole family has been positive for all of us.” 

More information
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