Musician Marc Almond shows support for brain injury charities

Since he sustained a brain injury in 2004, the Soft Cell musician has supported Headway and will now support The Children’s Trust.

Published on: 19/09/18

Marc Almond has announced that he will perform at The Children’s Trust’s Rhythm & Grooves Ball next month, helping to raise money for the charity that supports children with brain injury across the UK.

The music maestro sustained a brain injury in a motorcycle accident in 2004.

After an operation to relieve pressure from his skull, Marc emerged from a two-week coma to find that he struggled with memory and behaviour changes.

Marc had to relearn to sing, and admits that he still struggles to remember song lyrics.

Marc is currently on tour promoting his new single but will take time out for The Children’s Trust’s event.

Commenting on his involvement, Marc said: “A brain injury can affect every part of you physically and cognitively, and somepeople never fully recover. I was one of the lucky ones. I’m really delighted to be able to help.”

Marc has performed for Headway previously and donated £1 from every ticket sold on his 2015 The Velvet Trail tour to support other adults affected by brain injury.

In 2005, three months after his motorbike accident, Marc was interviewed by The Guardian about his head injury and his life – you can read the interview here.