Katie Price: Harvey and Me

An insight into becoming an adult for young people with disabilities.

Published on: 25/01/21

Photo credit: BBC

As Katie Price's son Harvey turns 18 and becomes an adult, a documentary has been made showing the challenges and decisions for young people with disabilities. 

Katie Price: Harvey and Me shows the pair navigating this transition, as the people and places that have cared for him as a child are about to change. 

Harvey was born with a a rare disorder that affects brain function, hormones and vision, and affects one in 10,000 births. He has a long list of medical and behavioural conditions, and his future is unpredictable. There are no other adults known to have Harvey’s combination of conditions.

As Harvey and Katie explore the options of further education colleges they meet other families and disabled young adults and hear their experiences of becoming an adult and the decisions they have had to make. 

Katie Price: Harvey and Me will air at 8.30pm on BBC One, Monday 25 January. It will also be available on iPlayer after it has been broadcast.