How can clothing help people affected by brain injury?

Founder of inclusive womenswear label says the fashion industry has a long way to go.

Published on: 21/08/20

The founder of an inclusive womenswear label, Kintsugi Clothing, says the fashion industry has a long way to go when it comes to inclusive fashion.

“Clothing can add value for many people when it’s designed inclusively,” Emma McClelland said in an article for the NR Times.

“Take, for example, a woman whose brain injury has caused ataxia. The tremors in her hands make fastening small buttons a frustrating endeavour.

“Adaptive clothing might come into play here with a blouse that appears outwardly to have buttons down the front but actually has concealed magnets that make dressing easier.”

Emma says that fashion brand should be creating clothing that anybody can wear. In the full article Emma talks more about accessible apparel, inclusive of a range of body types.

Occupational therapist, Helle Mills has shared these tips on getting a child dressed following a brain injury.