Children’s Mental Health Week: tips on building resilience

Claire Wood, Lead Music Therapist (Neurorehabilitation) at The Children’s Trust, shares tips that are not just for lockdown, but for life.

Published on: 02/02/21

  1. Have something to look forward to – make a plan with you kids for the weekend and for after lockdown.
  2. Stay connected – your children may need help to keep in touch with their friends and extended family.
  3. Filter your information intake – remember that young people with phones/ tablets may also feel bombarded by news and need help with this.
  4. Have a check-in regularly with how everyone in the family is feeling. It’s a great habit to develop and can help give your children the vocabulary they need to discuss how they feel.
  5. Think of something you are grateful for each day – make it a habit at dinner or bedtime.
  6. Try something new/creative. If you fancy something musical there is something online for all ages and you don’t need lots of instruments! Look at Jessie's Fund, Mini Chilterns, ‘Beat goes on’ body percussion, Chrome Music LabBeatboxing tutorials and/or Singing Hands/Out of the Ark Music for songs with Makaton signing.