Alex Brooker: Disability and Me

A documentary by the Channel 4 comedian on his disability.

Published on: 14/07/20

The Last Leg talk show co-host speaks openly about his disability and reflects on his childhood in the BBC Two documentary.

Brooker says the documentary was prompted partly by a charity swim he did last year, which was filmed for a Channel 4 TV show called Sink or Swim.

He struggled to reach the shore, started to hyperventilate, and began to cry. Brooker said that for the first time in years he felt extremely disabled, and was acutely aware of it.

He said: “It made me realise it was time now, as a father of two, to take more responsibility over my disability and to find out more about it. I just wanted to do the documentary to shine a light on disability in perhaps a different way than I have done on television so far. But in a selfish way, it was about learning for myself. Getting to a stage where I felt able to talk about these feelings I’ve had over the years.”

You can view the hour long documentary ‘Alex Brooker: Disability and Me’ on BBC iPlayer.