A look back at 2019: children’s real stories

As we start the new year we look at the stories and advice shared by children and families in 2019.

Published on: 02/01/20

Many families share their experiences, which help other families facing similar challenges following a child or young person’s brain injury. Sometimes the stories are about the child but parents also talk about their own journey.

Here are the children and families that shared their experience of brain injury in 2019 in our Real Stories or Blogs sections:

Daisy had a stroke when she was 21 months old. Daisy, now 12, and her mum talked about their life now, Daisy’s passions, such as animals, and challenges they have overcome. Mum Eileen said: “Be ready to put the effort in and reap amazing rewards.”

Josef (Joe, fell off his scooter)

Joe was 12 years old when he had a brain injury after falling off his scooter and fracturing his skull. His story was written two years on, looking to the future.

Harrison was six when he had a stroke. A year on, mum Marie shared their experience of returning to school, on a part-time basis at first, and the support they received. 

Millie (encephalitis)

Millie was 18 months old when encephalitis resulted in a brain injury. Seven years on, Millie's mum Sam told us about their day-to-day life and her campaigning for more SEN secondary school places. She also offered advice for other parents.


Chloe (seizure)

Chloe was six when she had a series of seizures that led to a year-long hospital stay followed by a period of rehabilitation. Chloe's mum Sara shared their story and said: “We have come a long way and are excited about what’s next. It’s hard to believe how far Chloe has come.”

Connor was 14 when he had a stroke following a rugby tackle. Connor talked about his life now, his passion to raise awareness of childhood stroke and his return to rugby.

Addie (epilepsy)

Just before her second birthday, Addie had a fit that resulted in a brain injury. Addie’s mum Katie told us about her progress, their search for answers, the challenges of starting school and Addie’s epilepsy. Katie said: “It’s pretty ironic how a six-year-old can teach you so much about perspective at such a tender age.” 

Ethan (brain tumour)

Ethan was seven when he was diagnosed with a brain tumour. He then developed a rare complication following surgery that caused his brain injury. Seven years later, Ethan’s mum talked about his therapy, school, friendships and progress.

At 15, Rebekah was diagnosed with a brain tumour. Five years on, she shared her experiences of life with a brain injury and the challenges of being a teenager. Last year Rebekah also blogged about living with fatigue. 

Amelia (encephalitis)

Amelia was eight years old when she was diagnosed with a rare form of encephalitis. Amelia’s mum shared the diary she kept while they were in hospital.

At the age of 15 a brain tumour operation left Emilie with a brain injury. Nine months on, her mum Ikuko shared their story and achievements with us. These include a WellChild Award and Emilie said: “Use your willingness to fuel yourself. Prove everyone who doubted you wrong. Keep going and never stop.”

In November 2016 Jasmine was involved in a road traffic accident (RTA) and was left with a brain injury. Her dad told their story and spoke about the importance of music therapy in Jasmine’s rehabilitation.

At 13, Elizabeth suffered a stroke. Five years on her mum Danielle spoke about the impact on the family and the support they received. Elizabeth won the Stroke Association's Children and Young People's Courage Award 2018!

Charlie was 15 when he was knocked down by a car and was left with a severe brain injury. Seven years on Charlie told us his story about how the brain injury has changed his life. He talked about his rehabilitation, going back to play football and his career as a motivational speaker. Charlie’s message to others is: “Anything is possible in life if you have self-belief, you work hard, and you never give up.”

A big thank you to all the families and children that have shared their stories for others to read and gain inspiration from.