Weekly Lottery FAQs

How much is the Weekly Lottery? 

£1 per week, or £52 a year

When does the draw take place? 

Every Thursday

Is there a rollover? 

No. There's 18 guaranteed winner's each week

How many prizes are there each week? 

18 prizes:

1st prize is £1000

2nd prize is £100

3rd prize is £50

All remaining prizes are £10 each

How do I know if I've won? 

We will contact you and send a cheque through the post - please make sure you let us know of any changes to your details

How are the lottery proceeds used?

The Children’s Trust receives a minimum of 34% of all proceeds from the lottery, which is spent on our good cause work. 70% of lottery proceeds is spent on prizes and 30% on expenses* 

*Figures based on average for 2019 

What are the odds of winning a prize? 

There's a 1 in 162 chance of winning a prize in the The Children’s Trust Lottery every week.** 

** Accurate as of 2019 


For all other queries please email [email protected] or call 01737 364 349