More information about volunteering at The Supercar Event


Your role is to assist people who have bought the attractions to the event, it could be the Fire Engine rides, Stay Safe Driving School, karting or Hovercrafts etc. We are looking for friendly, confident people who don't mind being on their feet most of the day. You could be selling tickets to visitors who wish to purchase a ride, helping to organise the queue or helping people to get on/ off rides etc. Roles will vary with each attraction. You will be fully briefed by the attraction staff on arrival.

Entrance Gate

Outgoing and friendly volunteers need to work as a team to ensure all the visitors come through the entrance quickly and efficiently. There will be 6 lanes of traffic where the lanes are split into two categories. Pre-bought entrance tickets. Buy on the day tickets. Volunteers on "pre-bought" will have to check that the ticket matches the number of people in the car, correct date etc. Volunteers on "buy on the day" will be selling tickets as people arrive.In addition we will have teams stationed around the perimeter road to direct cars and stop & check vehicles.

Raffle Tickets

Volunteers are required to sell raffle tickets across the site to members of the public. You will be based at The Children's Trust Information Point. For this role you need to be confident in approaching people and friendly.

Supercar Ride Ticket Sales

This is one of the busiest roles of the weekend. Selling ride tickets for the various car rides. All riders are required to check-in and fill in a disclaimer, collect a ticket and wrist band. Other roles will include VIP ticket sales, upgrading tickets, refunds etc. This area needs to be managed by a friendly, switched on team of volunteers who can help it run like clockwork and don't get phased under pressure.

Supercar Helmet helpers

Riders will have chosen on their disclaimer form whether or not they choose to wear a helmet. Helmet helpers are required to find a helmet, to make sure it fits and ensure the rider has fastened it correctly. There is a child age and height limit and this will be explained on the day. You will also be required to keep the crowd in line and pack up the helmets on the day!

Caterham Crew

Riders must wear a helmet. Crew will be required to find a helmet, make sure it fits and ensure the rider has fastened it correctly. Other volunteers will be required to sell tickets to members of the public or control the queue.

Lexus Crew

Role will include selling tickets to members of the public and helping the Lexus team.Other roles include support in the following teams: Meet & Greet, Housekeeping, Food & Beverage, VIP Marquee staff, Crowd Control!Click here to go back