Tuffers conquers fear of heights

Former England cricketer and sports celebrity Phil Tufnell faced his fears on Saturday 26 September when he took part in a hair-raising abseil down Guildford Cathedral in aid of The Children’s Trust, the UK’s leading charity for children with brain injury.  
Following his recent experience on TV show ‘The Jump’, the 49-year-old sportsman revealed that it had given him a newly-acquired fear of heights. However he was determined to overcome his phobia by taking part in the charity abseil. Phil was joined by his wife, Dawn, who had always wanted to do an abseil. Phil said: ‘‘The abseil was terrifying, but I was determined to do this as I always like to do whatever I can to help raise awareness of The Children’s Trust but it took a bit of persuading! I’m very proud of Dawn, who also did this challenge to help me overcome my fright.’’ The first part of the challenge saw Phil and Dawn climb 249 steps to reach the top of Guildford Cathedral’s tower before abseiling the 160ft tower. You can find out more information about The Children’s Trust and its fundraising events in our upcoming events section. Photograph by Andy Newbold

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