Give a monthly gift and help children like TommyAt just two years old Tommy suffered a horrific accident resulting in a severe brain injury, leaving him unable to walk or talk. Your donation will help The Children’s Trust support more children just like him. Help now

£3 a month could help buy floats for children to use in our specialist pool during physiotherapy

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£10 a month could help pay the cost of physiotherapy equipment, like the walking frame you saw Tommy using in the advert

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  • Tommy with Paris, the black Labrador, on the floor
  • After his accident Tommy came to The Children’s Trust where, with our support, he underwent specialist rehabilitation. Gradually an incredible transformation took place, with Tommy first learning to sit, then to crawl and finally to walk and talk again.

    Tommy is just one of 40,000 children a year in the UK who acquire a brain injury. Your donation can help us to support many more children like him.

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