The London Triathlon

TV presenter and supporter of The Children's Trust, Jenni Falconer, took part in the London Triathlon on Saturday (3 August 2014) with someone very special to help her. Jenni was joined by Jade Brede who came to The Children’s Trust when she was a teenager. The pair were joined by another supporter, Paula Reynolds. Paula took part in the cycling section of the race, while Jenni ran and Jade completed the open water swim. Jade, now 28, had a road accident when she was celebrating her 15th birthday. She was not expected to survive but she overcame all the odds and came to The Children's Trust for rehabilitation, where she learned to adjust to living with a brain injury. Since then Jade has taken part in many fundraising challenges to help raise money for The Children’s Trust and often talks at our events to raise awareness about brain injury.

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