Supercar dream come true for Ryley

Dreams came true last week for Ryley, when a convoy of supercars paid him a special visit and presented him with a golden ticket to The Supercar Event 2018.

Two years ago, Ryley from Baston, Lincolnshire, collapsed with a bleed on the brain, he was 14 years old. After playing football with friends Ryley had returned home complaining of a headache. Within minutes he had a seizure and lost consciousness. Ryley was diagnosed with an arteriovenous malformation and a severe, life changing brain injury. He was left unable to walk, talk or eat.

After a stay in hospital, Ryley was moved to The Children’s Trust in Surrey for rehabilitation to help regain some of the skills he’d lost. He stayed at the specialist centre for four months where he underwent a therapy programme, including speech and language, physiotherapy and play therapy. He started to show improvements with movement and learnt to communicate through some speech, sign and a text-to-speech app.

Ryley, now 16 years old, loves supercars and was very disappointed that he could not attend The Supercar Event, The Children’s Trust’s annual fundraising event, last year due to ongoing treatment. This year owners of a Lamborghini Gallardo Superleggera, Ferrari 458 Italia and Ferrari 458 Speciale, who volunteer for the charity, delivered a complimentary golden ticket to Ryley and his family to The Supercar Event on 7 and 8 July at Rockingham Circuit, Northamptonshire.

Ryley’s mum Mel Briston said: “Meeting the supercar drivers was really special for us all, especially Ryley. He is such a determined young man and the visit was a chance for him to show that he is now able to stand for periods of time and take steps. He even had a ‘first’ during the visit when he got in to the Ferrari and had a short ride in it. He hasn’t even got in my car yet, so this was fantastic to see! “We are so proud of him and can’t wait to attend to The Supercar Event, especially now it’s more local to us. It’s a great opportunity to highlight that The Children’s Trust supports children from across the country.”

Pete Dietsch, one of the drivers who delivered the ticket said: “It was an absolute pleasure to meet Ryley and his family to give them a ticket to The Supercar Event. We’re thrilled that they will be joining us, I’ve volunteered at the event for 12 years and it’s a great family weekend for a wonderful charity.”

The Supercars will appear at The Supercar Event on 7 and 8 July at Rockingham Circuit. The two day event hopes to raise more than £100,000 for The Children’s Trust, the UK’s leading charity for children with brain injury.

Family ticket (2 adult, 2 children aged 4-16) £30, adult ticket £12, child and concession tickets £8. Save 20% on these prices before 1 July, visit

The Supercar Drivers with Ryley and family The Ferrari 458 Speciale, Ferrari 458 Italia and Lamborghini Gallardo Superleggera that were part of the convoy

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