Shift a Gift

Oh, you shouldn't have! Shift a gift from The Children's Trust.
Shift a Gift socks from The Children\'s Trust
The presents have been unwrapped, the mince pies all eaten. The tree’s been packed away, and the new year’s resolutions are in full swing. Now is the perfect time to have a sort out and shift any unwanted gifts.We rely heavily on the kind donations made to our charity shops – last year our shops raised over £2 million to support children with brain injury and up to April 2015, 46,000 donors had dropped off donated goods to our shops.We’re always looking for good quality items to sell in our shops - you can drop off donations to your local shop, our team are looking forward to your visit.
Drop your donations into your local store and help make a difference to the lives of children with brain injury.
Shift a Gift puzzle from The Children's Trust