Panorama: Fighting for My Child

Tonight’s Panorama programme will highlight the consequences of the £1.5billion funding gap in disabled children’s services. This deficit has been revealed by research published today by the Disabled Children’s Partnership (DCP) – of which The Children’s Trust is a founder member. Panorama: Fighting for my Child, which is due to be aired on BBC One at 8.30pm (16 July), will uncover the reality for families who are missing out on services and support which enable their children to do things other children take for granted. There are over one million disabled children in the UK, 33% more than a decade ago. Yet we know that fewer disabled children than ever before are currently getting support. Our research shows there is a funding gap in disabled children’s services which means tens of thousands are missing out on vital help. Dalton Leong, Chief Executive of The Children’s Trust said: “Tonight’s Panorama will highlight the consequences of this – families at their wits end having to go to court to fight for vital support and dealing with a system with limited and dwindling resources. That’s why we are urgently calling on the government to plug the £1.5 billion gap – just 0.2% of total government spending – to ensure disabled children and their families have a decent quality of life.” DCP’s research carried out by Development Economics, found that there is a £1.1 billion shortfall in funding for health services for disabled children and £433 million extra needed for social care.

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