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Our 2014-17 strategy outlines our exciting plans to reach thousands more children and families across the UK. By 2017, we aim to be reaching 2,500 children living with brain injury every year through a major expansion of our community services. We will also undertake significant redevelopment work at our national specialist centre in Tadworth, Surrey and have committed to making greater investments in our online information service, research and campaigning. Over 40,000 children are estimated to be left with an acquired brain injury every year in the UK. One of the key objectives of the new strategy is a major increase in the number of charity-funded partnerships between The Children's Trust and the NHS. Through these partnerships, we embed our qualified brain injury specialists within major trauma hospitals. Here they provide practical support to families as their child makes the often difficult return to home and school following a brain injury. As part of our strategy, we aim to have brain injury specialists in 10 major trauma centres across the UK by 2017, providing support to around 250 children and families in each area every year. We will need to increase the amount of donations and support from the public to turn our ambitions of helping thousands more children into reality.
The strategy includes eight key objectives:
  • Our brain injury community services will help 2,500 more children around the UK each year by 2017.
  • Our online information service will reach even more families and in 2015 we will develop new ways of meeting the information needs of children and young people with acquired brain injury.
  • We will transform the facilities at our national specialist centre by 2017 to provide even more effective care, education and therapy.
  • We will invest more in our research activities.
  • By 2017 we will be an active voice for children with brain injury and their families, influencing decision makers.
  • We will redevelop our website in 2014-15 as part of a new digital strategy to reach more families and raise more awareness of our work online.
  • We will launch a capital fundraising appeal to transform our national specialist centre by 2017.
  • We will invest in 2014-15 to recruit at least 13,000 new regular supporters to sustain our work with thousands more children with brain injury for years to come.
Read and download our full strategy publication - Childhood brain injury: our big ambitions
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