Our research team

Dr Carolyn Dunford heads the research team at The Children\'s Trust
Dr Carolyn Dunford (PhD, MSc, Dip COT)
Head of Therapy & Research

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Lorna Wales - a research associate at The Children\'s Trust
Dr Lorna Wales (PhD, MSc, Dip COT)
Research Professional Lead

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Jonathan Pool is a music therapist and part of the research team at The Children\\\'s Trust
Dr Jonathan Pool (PhD, MA, BA (Hons))
Music Therapist

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Kathy Davies is a research nurse at The Children's Trust
Dr Kathy Davies (PhD, BSc (Hons), SRN)
Research Nurse

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Gemma Kelly is a research physiotherapist at The Children's Trust
Gemma Kelly (MSc)
Research Physiotherapist
Tim Grove is a member of the research team at The Children's Trust
Tim Grove (BSc (Hons))
Quality Assurance & Research Officer
Karen Webb is the executive assistant to the Head of Therapy & Research at The Children\'s Trust
Karen Webb
Executive Assistant to Head of Therapy & Research
Brianna Jerman is the Librarian at The Children's Trust
Brianna Jerman
The Children’s Trust Research Advisory Committee Progress Report April 2017