Our curriculum

From January 2016 The Children's Trust School will be implementing the IMPACTS curriculum. IMPACTS is an assessment, monitoring, target setting and implementation tool that allows teaching and therapy teams to work collaboratively towards multi-disciplinary integrated and child centred planning. The IMPACTS programme offers a specialised curriculum in five Key Skill Areas: • Communication
• Cognitive Skills
• Environmental Control Technology,
• Social and Emotional Well Being
• Physical Skills (Gross and Fine Motor). The curriculum allows the school to collate meaningful data that highlights maintenance of skills, areas of progress and alerts the whole multi-disciplinary team to early signs of regression.

Approaches to Learning 

From January 2016 we will be working with parents, carers, staff, the Education Governance Committee and trustees to define our approach to learning. However, we already acknowledge ..... • Via research that PMLD pupils learn best with well structured, daily routines where a consistent and responsive environment underpins well planned and effectively resourced activities. • Most pupils have significant physical needs and therefore 'preparation for learning' is key. All pupils must be supported to be comfortable and functionally well positioned to allow for learning opportunities. However, it is recognised that there are also times when a pupil must be positioned for health and well being reasons. • Pupils require a wide range of opportunities to develop their sense of agency and control. Well planned activities supported by adults provide the framework for this to develop however, we also recognise and value opportunities for pupils to develop these skills as self occupancy activities. • That for all pupils, but especially those with PMLD teaching and learning needs to be maintained across the day and that we value 'ongoing learning through routines' eg personal care. • We recognise that all of our pupils require learning opportunities that are unique and relevant to them as individuals.

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