NHS commissioning

Health placements at The Children's Trust can be funded by a number of commissioning bodies. Neuro rehabilitation placements are funded in England by NHS England and Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) and by the respective health authorities for children from Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. Step down and specialist health placements for children with complex health needs, technology dependancy and residential short breaks are funded by CCGs and/or social care. Short breaks can also be funded by personal health budgets.

NHS England

In April 2013, The Children's Trust became a paediatric centre through NHS England to deliver specialised neurorehabilitation for children with highly complex needs. We are contracted to provide neurorehabiliation to children from England who meet National Specialised Commissioning eligibility criteria for level 1 service. If a child meets the criteria set out by NHS England then funding is automatically available should a place be offered. Children's needs are categorised as part of the assessment undertaken by The Children's Trust clinical assessors and are based on level of severity of the brain injury ('category A' needs). We are obliged by NHS England to inform CCGs and community teams when a child is offered a funded rehabilitation programme to support discharge planning at an early stage.

Clinical Commissioning Groups and Wales, Scotland & N.Ireland

Children who do not meet NHS England funding criteria (category 'B' needs) can also benefit from specialist rehabilitation and are funded by local health commissioners through their Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG). Children from Wales, Scotland & Northern Ireland are funded via their respective health bodies, across all categories of severity. All other health placements are funded via CCGs and/or social care.