#MyBrave at your school!

Thanks for reading our email! There are a few #MyBrave ideas below...

Brave Dress Down Day

Encourage students and staff to dress up as their ‘brave’ for the day and donate £2 to The Children’s Trust. Who or what do you consider to be truly brave? A child dressed as a super hero standing on a running train

Brave Games

Hold a brave sports day and ask students to get sponsored for showing how brave they are this could be anything from a tug of war competition to a blindfolded egg and spoon race! #MyBrave was learning to eat again after a brain tumour, what\'s yours? Ethan, 12

What is #MyBrave?

Ask students and staff what is brave to them - a sponsored silence, being without their phone for a week or not being able to watch TV for a week. Set them a personal challenge and ask them to get sponsored for achieving it.

Let us know what your brave is!

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About #MyBrave

Bravery isn’t only heroic acts. Sometimes it’s about facing your fears, rising to the challenge and overcoming obstacles, like many of the children with acquired brain injury have.Every year over 40,000 children in the UK are left with a brain injury as a result of an accident or illness. Many make a good recovery, but thousands have to live with ongoing, long-term difficulties. The Children’s Trust helps children make the best possible recovery through specialist brain injury rehabilitation. The Children’s Trust is encouraging everyone to go outside their comfort zone, take on a challenge and do something brave to help raise money for children with brain injury. Find out more about #MyBrave.

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