#MyBrave was learning to walk again after an accident, what\'s yours? Molly,15

Molly's Story

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In December 2014, Molly was involved in a road accident outside her house. She was airlifted to hospital where she was in a critical condition.She had a number of injuries and broken bones, but the most life threatening of all was the damage to her brain. She was in a coma and her family were told to prepare themselves for the worst. Six months after the accident, a resolute Molly had moved to The Children’s Trust. With courage and determination she started to learn how to walk and talk again – it wasn’t easy.Molly first had to learn to sit herself up again. The first time Molly stood unaided, even though it was just for a moment, was frightening and brilliant at the same time. And although progress was slow, every day Molly is moving forward. Two years on and Molly is still overcoming the challenges caused by her injuries. However, thanks to the specialist rehabilitation she received at The Children’s Trust, Molly’s recovery was greatly improved.

#MyBrave was learning to walk again after an accident, what's yours?

Molly is sharing her story to inspire everyone to do something brave, take on a challenge, and raise money to help children with brain injury. Every year more than 40,000 children are left with a brain injury as a result of an accident or illness. As Molly found, specialist rehabilitation is their best chance of recovery. But it’s not possible without your help. Sign-up and find your brave today. ⇐ return to #MyBrave moment

Molly found her brave, now find yours...

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#MyBrave is an abseil for children with brain injury
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#MyBrave is a skydive for children with brain injury
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