#MyBrave was learning to eat again after a brain tumour, what\'s yours? Ethan, 12

Ethan's Story

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"When Ethan was diagnosed with a brain tumour our lives turned upside down," explains mum Tina.Ethan was just 7 when he was diagnosed with a brain tumour. His mum Tina talks about his experience and his bravery relearning how to eat, drink and talk again for the second time in his life. “From the moment Ethan was diagnosed our lives were turned upside down. Ethan stayed in hospital and underwent a range of treatment near his gag reflex, which made him very poorly. He had to be fed through a tube, and was often very sick. Hospital staff would give children a bead for courage every time they had been brave having an injection or test etc; Ethan’s bead line was 26ft long by the time he left hospital. “Ethan moved to The Children’s Trust for specialist brain injury rehabilitation 18 months after his surgery. The location of the tumour meant Ethan had became reluctant to use his voice and found eating and drinking difficult – he went down to three stone at one point. He also lost his confidence. Therapists at The Children’s Trust tried to ensure therapy was fun; he liked marshmallows so would hide them for him to find, that way he was pushing himself without focusing the effort it took to relearn basic skills. He enjoyed baking too, encouraging physical movement and slowly getting him engaged with food again. Whereas I would have done things for Ethan because I love him and want to help him, therapists knew what he was capable of and made him do it himself. Gradually he grew stronger.“Ethan is back at school now, and his friends stick him in goal because his wheelchair helps to keep the goals out. He still has a way to go, but without doubt, it’s the all-round support that Ethan received at The Children’s Trust that has made all the difference to his future.”

#MyBrave was learning to smile again after a life-threatening illness, what's yours?

Ethan is sharing his story to inspire everyone to do something brave, take on a challenge, and raise money to help children with brain injury. Every year more than 40,000 children are left with a brain injury as a result of an accident or illness. As Ethan found, specialist rehabilitation is their best chance of recovery. But it’s not possible without your help. ⇐ return to #MyBrave moment

Ethan found his brave, now find yours...

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