Music for Engagement – strength of the school

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Music room


  • Un allocated PP
  • Audit use of Pupil premium/needs
  • Sought appropriate music framework 
  • Attended ‘Breaking the Bubble’ SEN 
  • music interface 
  • Enrichment
  • Music Therapy delivered 1:1 or class base

Odi music


  • Allocate to Drake 
  • Contracted Drake Music to July 2017 used Pupil Premium 
  • Adam Ockleford presented SOI framework 
  • Explored potential for link with Roehampton Uni for music
  • Explored training SOI
  • October 2016 
  • Class music for engagement session timetabled 
  • ‘Summer of Love’ music festival led by sixth form/Drake 
  • Reviewed MT delivery (internal & external) 



  • Allocate to SOI 
  • Contracted Sophie Gray & Prof Adam Ockelford 
  • Pupil Premium 
  • SG delivered SOI to individual pupils 
  • SG designed content of SOI/TCT  ‘music cards’ 
  • Aligned to the IMPACTS profile. 
  • Franz Allard trained to become SOI teacher 
  • Franz Allard joined Surrey Music Hub
  • Cedarsupersound originates
  • Introduction to potential resonant tails  for pilot project 
  • Music accreditation explored with the 
  • pilot accreditation with Trinity College 

George in music


  • Two CYP in receipt  PP 
  • LR align SOI to IMPACTS curriculum & develop ‘Music Cards’ 
  • Music cards allocated to all young people 
  • Allocated 1 day per week teacher time to SOI 
  • Launch Cedarsupersounds – You Tube 
  • Application to Yvon Bonnefact to take part in Resonant Tails Project 
  • Application success = 1day / wk input from external with individual CYP 
  • CYP baselined & progress measures against SOI framework 
  • Music Festival across whole school.
  • Invite to local SEN schools to perform

Music festival


  • Individual ePEP requests 
  • Music cards published and to launch via school website 
  • Music cards to be sent for home use – supports virtual learning 
  • Music Therapy Skill Sharing project (include music cards in class work with teachers) 
  • Additional member of staff undertaking SOI  training 
  • Allocated JD & teacher to FT SOI post 
  • SOI allocated timetable to CFS (site wide) 
  • Intend to launch Rhythm and Grooves Ball 
  • 1 day / week from external  
  • Expansion of RT into groups and staff upskill across school 
  • Intended offer to parents/carers – delivered through parental w/shop
  • External validated from RT 
  • CYP baselined against SOI framework 
  • ASDAN - Rhythm Module 
  • Introduction of Music Therapy Star outcome measure to practice. MDT training delivered 
  • Enrichment week focus ‘my voice’ 
  • Music cards lunchtime offer
  • Music therapy groups and after school music club 
  • Virtual music resources from March 2020 
  • MT & SOI / Tech Lead work and plan collaboratively
  • Music as therapy international, skill sharing  – universal pilot offer