How your bravery helps children with brain injury

Every brain injury is different. Most children eventually make a good recovery and won't need long-term support. But an estimated 5,000 will need help with ongoing difficulties. Often these issues aren't visible and for this reason acquired brain injury is sometimes called 'the hidden disability'. In the most severe cases children will be left with significant physical disabilities and learning difficulties.The Children's Trust is there for all these children. Our intensive rehabilitation service helps children with severe brain injury to make the best recovery they can. Our community-based services help children make a successful return to school after a brain injury and our Brain Injury Hub is a vital source of information and advice to parents all over the country.

We couldn't do all this without your support

Here are a few examples of how your fundraising can help us throughout the year⇐ return to the #MyBrave menu
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£26 helps pay for...

Pony Club: horse riding is a source of enjoyment and freedom that also acts as an intense pyhsiotherapy session. Floats... for a child to use in hydrotherapy pool during a session.Boccia Ramp: it’s a great sport that all the children can enjoy.

£50 helps pay for our play & leisure activities

Our play services department offers activities and outings to children we support on a rehabilitation programme. This includes art & crafts, sports activities, swimming, musical entertainment, film nights, cookery, day trips to garden centres and parks, outings to concerts, museums and theme parks etc.
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£100 helps pay for physiotherapy equipment

Physiotherapy is used to re-educate and teach new or alternative ways of helping children with movement difficulties. Activities may start with the gaining of head and body control and may, in some cases, extend to sports and recreational skills.

£500 helps pay for music therapy sessions for four children

Music therapy is a way of exploring and developing communication skills and emotions. It’s particularly beneficial for children who cannot speak and those who have undergone trauma as it offers them a way to express themselves without words. Alternatively £500 could help pay for a group outing to a concert.
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£2,000 could help pay for sessions for 10 children in our hydrotherapy pool

Aquatics therapy is an important part of rehabilitation as it helps children with balance, mobility, and communication. It is also used as an effective method of pain relief.
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Find your brave

#MyBrave is an abseil for children with brain injury
Molly says \"Find your brave!\"
#MyBrave is a skydive for children with brain injury
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