The extraordinary music box appeal from The Children's Trust

Give a child with brain injury an extraordinary music box this Christmas

Bobby and Mum Carly at The Children\\\'s Trust
"Bobby used to love playing a boxing game on his computer. So at The Children’s Trust, staff put the song from that game on, and used it to get him focusing on two beats in it, to get his walk right. We’ve taken the song home with us and we use it to help him with his walking every day. Now he can do 150 steps!" - Carly, Bobby's mumRead Bobby's Story
When a child suffers a traumatic brain injury, they can lose the ability to walk and talk, and feel hopeless.But music therapy can have a powerful effect. The brain is always searching for patterns, and those in music can help to create new pathways and connections in the brain for movement and communication, to get around those that have been lost. For all of the children who come to The Children’s Trust, their lives have been changed forever by their brain injury. Music therapy can help them reach their full potential in rehabilitation to learn to move and walk again, and to communicate and talk again. If you’d like to give the gift of transformative music therapy this Christmas, you can help a child with brain injury reconnect with the world around them and relearn the skills they’ve lost. Jonathan Pool, Music Therapist at The Children's TrustDr Jonathan Pool
Music Therapist

What's in the box?

You’ll be giving all kinds of music therapy to help a child with brain injury by:
  • creating new brain pathways for communication and controlling movement
  • triggering memories that connect a child back to their world
  • encouraging humming, shaping sounds, talking again
  • giving favourite rhythms to support walking again
  • making repetitive hard work fun
  • helping adjust to a different life, with hope.
Music therapy can reach places inside a child with brain injury that can transform their rehabilitation. It can re-connect them with the past and their world before their injury by triggering memories.And it can help children to re-learn how to communicate and move, and to progress faster, so they can approach this different life with hope and much-needed confidence.
£10 gives a child with brain injury the opportunity to find their confidence again through musical theatre sessions, practicing songs and experimenting with different instruments.
£20 enables a child with brain injury to enjoy a trip to a music concert giving them the chance to engage with music out in the community, helping to build confidence.
£50 funds a group music therapy session enabling children with brain injury to practice the essential skills they are relearning throughout their rehabilitation, with the support of each other.

Inspire a child to walk, talk and smile again...

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