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The Virtual Marathon Series presents The Virtual Valentines Day Run. Take this 10K challenge on anytime before or on the 14th of February (Valentines Day). Simply register to the event below and we will give you access to the Virtual Marathon Series runners portal where you can submit your evidence before or on the big day. To complete this challenge you must complete a 10K distance, however it can be done in 1 of the following ways.

In a pair completing 5K each on valentines day (this will give you a special valentines pair time for a 10K)

10K alone on Valentines Day for the lonely hearts clubbers

5K alone on two separate days anytime of the year

5K in a pair on any day or days of the year

The Virtual Valentines Day Run has a special challenge attached and asks that you run in a pair to achieve it. Quite simply to earn the special challenge virtual Silver medal you will need to upload a picture of you and your running partner having completed the 5K together on Valentines Day. Romantic connection optional!

The Virtual Marathon Series is offering two prizes for entrants. 

  1. The first one is for the fastest couples time on valentines day for the 10K distance.
  2. Secondly, to the person or pair who raise the most money for their chosen charity by Valentines Day.

They will donate £250 to the charities chosen by the winners and they will receive a running goodies pack from their partner Run Through in the post.

To apply for the fastest pair you will need to enter your time through the Virtual Marathon Series portal and complete 5K per person specifically on Valentines day.

To apply for the highest fundraiser you will need to send an email to [email protected] with a link to your fundraising page no later than the 1st of March.

To qualify for an official time in the Virtual Valentines Day Run you must run a 5K with a partner on February the 14th. By doing, so you will be added to the leader boards and receive a medal for completing the challenge. You will also receive the green official virtual medal so you can be identified as having taken part on Valentines day and not on any other day of the year.

To qualify for an unofficial time in the Virtual Valentines Day Run you must complete the Valentines Day run alone or in a pair on any day except for Valentines Day.

Virtual Valentines Day Run

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