Doughnut fun: ideas for you

We are inviting you, your family, friends and work colleagues to get involved in National Doughnut Week, 10-17 May. Some ideas of how you can partake in National Doughnut Week…
  • A doughnut and coffee morning at your school or workplace
  • Challenge your friends to a sponsored doughnut eating competiton; who can eat a doughnut without licking their lips?
  • A sponsored home-made doughnut bake-off with your friends – Who can create the tastiest…?
  • Ever tried rescuing doughnut rings from a string; the first player to finish wins the game!
  • Doughnut fancy-dress party
» Sign up or find out more by clicking here. The fundraiser is running from 10-17 May 2014, with bakeries and coffee shops from across the country participating.  We want to extend the doughnut fun to all members of the public including community groups and businesses. So why not partake in helping raise awareness and support for The Children’s Trust, while enjoying an irresistible doughnut treat and getting others aboard! Last year a village café owner organised a mouth-watering challenge, when she invited neighbouring businesses to take part in a doughnut eating competition. Community groups have held doughnut coffee mornings, had doughnut making competitions and had doughnut-themed parties. If you have an idea of your own on the theme of doughnuts, we’d love for you to share it with us. For more information email

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