Children undergoing brain injury rehabilitation thank marvellous Roald Dahl Nurse

Mr Twit’s Beard and Bruce Bogtrotter’s famous chocolate cake will be on the menu at The Children’s Trust in Surrey on Wednesday 13 September, as children staying at the centre baked treats to thank their Roald Dahl nurse on Roald Dahl Day. In the lead up to Roald Dahl day four girls who are staying at The Children’s Trust for intensive rehabilitation created the treats during a therapy session to thank the Roald Dahl nurse, Monica, who has worked in this role at the charity for 8 years. Roald Dahl specialist children’s nurses are healthcare professionals funded by the Roald Dahl charity to provide support, information and practical care for seriously ill and disabled children and their families across the UK. Mandie Geddes from the occupational therapy team at the charity said: “The work Monica does with the children and families at The Children’s Trust is invaluable and we couldn’t think of anything better than chocolate and sweet treats to thank her. The girls involved in the baking session had so much fun and it was a great therapy session encouraging them to practice their communication skills, team work and bi-manual skills.” Monica Philpot is The Children’s Trust’s Roald Dahl ABI nurse specialist. Her role is to look after the children and the families at The Children’s Trust. She said: “I have worked at The Children’s Trust for 27 years and am proud to be the Roald Dahl nurse at the charity. We are here to help support the children and families that we care for. Whether we are a professional, a friend or family we can look at the gaps we might be able to fill; we can read more information to increase our understanding; and we can hopefully make that difference. I love my job and really appreciate the lovely treats the children have made so we can celebrate Roald Dahl day together.”

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