Children recovering from brain injury inspired by Coco’s Wimbledon run

Coco’s Gauffe’s Wimbledon success has inspired and motivated young people at The Children’s Trust in Surrey to get involved in tennis. For many, this was an important milestone in their rehabilitation. Yesterday (11 July), a group of teenagers took part in a specially adapted tennis session at the charity’s national specialist centre in Tadworth, Surrey. The young people are all undergoing intensive rehabilitation following a severe brain injury as a result of an accident or illness. Most of the young people will have spent months in hospital before coming to The Children’s Trust and for many, this was the first time that they have been able to get involved in sports again and enjoy a social activity with other children. Sharon Tuppeny, Head of Therapy Rehabilitation at The Children’s Trust, comments: ‘‘It’s amazing for the children to see teens like Coco succeed. She’s a brilliant inspiration and we hope the tennis session motivates the children in their rehabilitation. Brain injury can be devastating for a child – it can mean they’re unable to stand, walk, or even hold their head up. It is important that children have fun and are engaged with their rehabilitation, as it will help them make the most progress in their recovery.’’ The Dan Maskell Tennis Trust, a charity dedicated to serving tennis to disabled people and named after the late Dan Maskell ‘The Voice of Wimbledon’, kindly made a donation towards coaching and provided adapted equipment, including shorter rackets for an easier grip and mitts with Velcro straps for catching the ball. 16-year-old Jake, who is staying at The Children’s Trust after a brain tumour, said ‘‘It was great fun to play with my friends and get in the Wimbledon spirit. I’m really looking forward to taking part in more sessions like this’’ The Children’s Trust has launched ‘Tiny Massive Moments’, a campaign to show how public donations help ensure rehabilitation is fun so that children make the most progress. To find out more, visit:

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