Bella helps to raise over £11,000 for The Children's Trust

Bella Pozella, 12, from Egham has recently inspired a team of local people and companies to raise £11,400 for The Children’s Trust, the charity that provided her with specialist rehabilitation following a brain injury.

In 2016, Bella was diagnosed with a brain tumour following months of headaches and vomiting which had prompted her parents to take her for an MRI scan. She had to have an emergency shunt fitted and two weeks later underwent neurosurgery to remove as much of the tumour as possible. During her recovery in hospital, it was clear Bella had acquired a brain injury; she could not stand or walk without help and couldn’t swallow or talk.

Bella spent eight weeks in hospital. Her speech was beginning to return but was not very clear and she was still having difficulty with her walking and fine motor skills.

Bella was offered a four month placement at The Children’s Trust for brain injury rehabilitation. She moved to the centre in Surrey and during her stay the therapy teams worked with her to help her improve and regain the skills she had lost and to rebuild her confidence. They also helped to prepare her for a return back to school.

Bella is now at secondary school and is still receiving support from The Children’s Trust Brain Injury Community Service. She has started to take part in PE lessons and is riding horses again, something she has always loved.

Bella wanted to thank the charity for the support it gave her so she started to take on fundraising challenges with the help from those around her. Colour runs, triathlons, pub quizzes, collection of old £5 notes and support from the children at St Cuthbert’s School all helped to rack up the impressive total. Bella’s aunty who is based at Procter & Gamble’s Egham office nominated The Children’s Trust as a Charity of The Year, which led to a contribution of £3,500 from the consumer goods company through its Community Matters programme.

Last month, Bella returned to The Children’s Trust to present a cheque accompanied by her aunty, grandma and Elaine Green (Community Matters Co-ordinator at P&G, Egham). Bella said during the visit: “I have lots of happy memories from my time at The Children’s Trust and it was nice to come back to see where I stayed. I am proud to have raised this money for the charity and hope it will help to make sure that other children get the help I did in the future.”

Elaine Green said: “It was an honour on behalf of P&G Community Matters to be invited to present a cheque to The Children’s Trust with Bella. We were passionate about raising money for the charity after hearing of Bella’s case and how much support she had received from The Children’s Trust. We raised the money through a range of activities including product sales and cake sales and are delighted to be contributing £3,500 to Bella’s impressive total.”

Bella’s mum, Jacqui Pozella said: “We couldn’t be more proud of Bella in what she has achieved both through her rehabilitation and her fundraising. Thanks to The Children’s Trust and their amazing therapy and support team, Bella is back at school and is enjoying spending time with her friend, pets and riding again.

“We have been overwhelmed by the support of those around us in helping to raise the money too, as well as Procter & Gamble’s contribution, we received help from The Rose and Crown, St Cuthbert’s School and other good friends all of whom we are so thankful to.”

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