An illustrated grey computer and mouse. Yellow stars, a brand symbol of The Children's Trust, are displayed on the screen.

Internet Acceptable Use Policy

This Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) applies to all users of The Children’s Trust Wireless Network. For the purposes of this document the ‘internet’ is defined as; web services, chat rooms, bulletin boards, newsgroups, peer to peer file sharing and instant messaging software.


The Children’s Trust accepts that the use of the internet is an extremely valuable research and learning tool for parents/children. However, misuse of such a facility can have a detrimental effect on other users and potentially The Children’s Trust. As a result, The Children’s Trust monitors:
  • The volume of internet and network traffic 
  • Internet sites visited
  • The specific content of any transactions will not be monitored unless there is a suspicion of improper use

Unacceptable use or behaviour

It is unacceptable to:
  • Use Torrents, Torrent Web Sites and Torrent Programs such as Vuze, Azureus, uTorrent, ABC, Bitcomet, Bearshare and Limewire
  • Visit Internet sites that contain obscene, hateful or other objectionable materials 
  • Make or post indecent remarks, proposals or materials on the Internet including racist or sexist 'jokes' and defamatory comments 
  • Upload, download or otherwise transmit commercial software (Pirate Software) or any copyrighted materials belonging to other parties outside of The Children’s Trust, or The Children’s Trust itself unless this download is covered or permitted under a commercial agreement or other such licenses 
  • Intentionally interfere with the normal operation of the network, including the propagation of computer viruses and sustained high volume network traffic that substantially hinders others in their use of the network 
  • Monitor Network Traffic Content or scan devices connected to the network

General Principles

  • Use of the Internet by parents/children is permitted and encouraged where such use supports the goals and objectives of the parent/child 
  • Use of Internet is monitored for security and/network management reasons. Users may also be subject to limitations on their use of such resources 
  • The distribution of any information through the TCT’s network is subject to the scrutiny of The Children’s Trust. The Children’s Trust reserves the right to determine the suitability of this information 
  • The use of computing resources is subject to UK law and any illegal use will be dealt with appropriately. For example, the Police can have a right of access to recorded data in pursuit of a crime
  • Internet access will be revoked if this policy is not adhered to.