Alex performing at the Children of Courage Awards after being supported through neurorehabilitation by The Children\\\\\\\'s Trust

A purple box wrapped with a yellow bow. The symbol of the Extraordinary Music Box Appeal by The Children's Trust.Alex's Story

Alex Barton was a talented musician and at just 15, he noticed a weakness in his right hand that prevented him from playing his beloved guitar. His concerned parents arranged for a private MRI scan and the results were to change all of their lives forever.It was discovered that Alex had an inoperable tumour the size of a golf ball sitting on his brainstem. The tumour was reducing his physical and cognitive abilities and meant he had significant memory problems, fatigue and severe weakness in his right side. Alex went to the US for treatment but on his return, he needed emergency surgery to drain a large build-up of fluid on his brain. Once medically stable, he was moved to The Children’s Trust for intensive neuro-rehabilitation and set himself the goal of playing his guitar again.
Music helped Alex through his rehabilitation. He overcame his tremors and was able to share his feelings about what he was going through, and the music therapy enabled him to feel productive and able again, despite his disabilities.After leaving The Children’s Trust, Alex worked hard and is now studying Geology at University. He retains strong links with the charity; helping to raise awareness of brain injury and to inspire other young people not to give up on their dream.

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