Admissions criteria

Admissions criteria for Rehabilitation and Step Down Services

Children may have wide ranging needs physical, cognitive, communication, developmental, psychological, which require rehabilitation or a step down placement to home or other suitable environment. Our criteria for admission are:
  • Acquired brain injury (is our main purpose but not exclusively)
  • 0-18 years
  • Medically stable
  • Have the potential to benefit from, and the ability to participate in a neuro rehabilitation programme
  • OR require a period of stabilisation and preparation as a step down from hospital to home due to complex needs (including tracheostomy or long term ventilation)
Our services are not normally suitable for:
  • Children who exhibit aggressive or violent behaviour
  • Children who require acute medical care e.g. intravenous therapy (with the exception of TPN)
  • Those on an active oncology treatment phase which causes frequent neutropenia
  • Children who have previous co-morbidities requiring regular acute medical input
  • Unstable diabetes

Admission criteria for our School

Pupils can be considered for admission at the school if they have a combination of the following:
  • profound learning difficulties
  • accompanying physical disabilities
  • additional sensory impairment
  • complex medical and care needs
  • compatibility with other pupils will be taken into consideration.
  • All pupils should have some potential in at least one developmental area and should be responsive to some sensory input. Independently mobile children cannot be accepted. Individual consideration will have to be made if the pupil’s condition is deemed to be degenerative or they are over 16 when referred to the school.